About Us

Triumphant Church International was born from the vision that God gave to Brother Jeff Tadlock. In 1997, the Lord spoke to Brother Jeff and said "You shall build a church in the Philadelphia area and it will be a model to churches around the world."

In 2001, Brother Tadlock and his family moved to Pennsylvania to begin the building of Voice of Triumph Ministries, under which was the creation of Triumphant Church. As the founders, Jeff and Bernadette Tadlock have established the vision and pace of Triumphant Church.

In January 2004, the Tadlock's very exciting son, Colin, became the lead pastor of the fledgling church. Since then God has expanded and added in many ways to the ministry and by His grace Truimphant Church International will be the model that God has called it to be!



Reverend Bernadette and Brother Jeff Tadlock


Reaching nations and cities by building strong families and leaders through the Father's love, one person at a time.


Take action through Faith

Reach the community, region, nation and world with God's Love

Instill family Values

Utilize and develop Effectual Prayer

Make Disciples

Preach the uncompromised truth of God's Word

Herald the return of Christ

Pastor Colin